Friday, July 26, 2013

2013 – Race Preview: Escarpment Trail Run

2013 – Race Preview: Escarpment Trail Run

Enough procrastinating. Here’s the first post.

Sunday, July 28 is big day in upstate NY.  Way up in Lake Placid, the IronMan will take place. I was all set to volunteer at the race and hopefully gain early entry into the race for July ’14, but I discovered a lesser known, longer running race just a couple of hours north of NYC in the Catskill Mountains – the Escarpment Trail Run. I’ve barely run the 2 months other than a little Half Marathon in CT and a few long runs. This should be a nice change of pace. A low-key race, 30K (~18.5mi), 10,000 ft of elevation change, technical trail running advertised “for Mountain Goats only.”  Entrants must qualify to even receive an application (by snail mail – yes, an old school race). Here is a list of the qualification standards:

-  Anyone who completed a half-iron man triathlon competition in 6 hours or less.
-  Anyone who completed a full iron man triathlon in 13 hours or less.
-  Anyone who completed a 50 miler in under 10 hours, a 50K under 5 hours, or a marathon under 4:15. Add 1.5 hrs for a trail race.

None of those standards are crazy, but Dick Vincent, the Race Director (RD) means business.  While there are aid stations along the course, I expect little more than water as the ‘aid’ must be schlepped by hikers to remote sections of the course.  Right now I’m just trying to get myself somewhat familiar with the course before I head upstate before the crack of dawn on Sunday. Race reports I’ve found online (like this one) look encouraging.  Should be a fun day.  Pray that I don’t fall and break my face.  Suggestions are welcome for my post-race beer.

Cheers – Happy Running and Safe Drinking